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Ragdolls NW Specializes in Mink, Sepia, and Traditional Ragdoll Cats

Located in Salem, Oregon


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Dylan is my Mink Ragdoll male and father to kittens here at RagdollsNW.

He is extremely friendly and has gorgeous eyes.

He wakes me up with snuggles first thing every morning.

His kittens are extremely mellow and sweet-natured.

Adults and Colors Past Kittens Contract and Details Customer Updates


Payment: Email or call to make sure the kitten is still available. A deposit of $250 will hold your kitten or you may pay in full. Cash is preferred. Your kitten will be available after the kitten is spayed or neutered at about 12 weeks. The kitten will be available about a week after later after the vet recheck.



Parents have been screened for HCM and PKD.


Misty's Litter DOB 6/25/2017


Blue Sepia Female



Blue Sepia Girl REDUCED to $1300 Available

She is a little sweetheart and I think she'll be beautiful! She is

not yet spayed (10/9)



Mink Female

There is also a very small mink girl that will be available soon.

She will probably be "teacup" size, although it can be hard to predict

 adult size. She will be $1500.




Sealpoint Female






Sealpoint female REDUCED $450 - AVAILABLE

DOB 2/10/2017  Spayed 5/12/2017 Very pretty girl! This big

sister has been keeping her younger siblings company. She is very

 sweet with them. This girl is more

skittish than I'd like, hence her lower price. You can pick her up and put

her on your lap and pet her under the chin and she will purr. She often sleeps on

the couch by my feet. She would not be good with children, but great

for a quiet family that moves slowly and is willing to work with her a bit.

She  loves to play with cat wands and is an amazing jumper. She gets

along with the other cats and my small dogs.


Blue Sepia Female



Blue Sepia girl - REDUCED $1100 - AVAILABLE

DOB 4/28/2017  Spayed on 8/4

She is going to be a beautiful cat - I just love the rich blue color. She is very

mild-mannered and super-friendly, just like her mom.

She sleeps on my pillow and purrs. One other interesting thing:

the sepia coat is very silky and feels wonderful!






I thought this was a girl because of the color. However, upon closer inspection,

it is a boy. He is a very unusual color as he really looks like a tortie. He is

registered as a Black Amber Mackerel Tabby. I just posted him recently

because I held him back as a possible breeder. He has gorgeous big eyes

and very mellow disposition. $1500 

DOB 4/19/2017



Betty's Litter DOB 6/26/2017

These kittens are available from a close friend.

For these kittens, please contact Kimberly at kittensbykimberly@gmail.com or


These kittens have been spayed or neutered and can go home now.

These are very outgoing, playful kittens. They were a hit at the vet's office!!



Sealpoint Mitted Boy




         Sealpoint Mitted Male $ 1500  Available

He is just gorgeous!!!! Will be a real looker as well as super sweet!


Mink Mitted Boy


Mink Mitted Male w/ Blaze $1500 Available



Mink Lynxpoint Girl

 Mink Lynxpoint Female #2 $1500 Available


Mink Girl




Mink Female #2 $1500 Available


Mother of the above litter is Betty and father is Dylan. This is a picture of the mother: Betty



Kittens below are sold


Sepia Girl $1600 SOLD

I'm really partial to the Sepias - I think she'll

be beautiful!



Sealpoint Boy#2 $1500  SOLD

Another sweetheart - his face is a little more like

his dad's. He has been neutered and he is getting

more cuddly every day.  He climbs up my knee

and then settles down on my chest for a nap. Very purry.






Mink Classic Tabby Lynxpoint Female #1 $1500 - Deposit received

I love this girl. She will be a shoulder and chest kitty if you let her.




Mink Female #1 $1500 SOLD

Very sweet personality - will be gorgeous





Bluepoint Female $1400 SOLD

This little girl falls over on her side and purrs when you pet her!


Lynxpoint Mitted Male $ 1500 SOLD


      Mink Mitted Male $1500 SOLD





Kittens are socialized with two small dogs and a Dalmation







Ragdolls NW is a very small breeder of Ragdolls specializing in Mink and Sepia kittens as well as Traditional colors. There will only be a few litters each year. If you are interested, keep checking the website. I will post updates when new kittens are expected.

The Ragdoll cats are my pets and have very sweet, loving personalities. The cattery is a closed cattery and I try to be careful about keeping the cats and kittens healthy. Ragdolls are wonderful family cats. They can be terrific with kids and other animals. I have two small dogs so kittens are used to small dogs. Kittens are well-socialized and have learned to use a litter box and scratching post. Kittens will be available to go home between 12 and 18 weeks.

Learn about Ragdolls:

What is a Ragdoll cat? Read the TICA Breed Profile

Wondering why your kitten can't go home earlier than 12 weeks? Excellent article about kitten development by Fanciers Breeder Referral List

Where did the Ragdoll cat come from? Ragdoll History

What is a Ragamuffin? Read the CFA Breed Profile  

Ragdoll colors and patterns at Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide

What is a Mink or Sepia Ragdoll? Mink and Sepia are colors. The body color of the Mink and Sepia colors are darker and richer than the traditional Ragdolls. Minks will have aqua colored eyes, while Sepia eye color can vary more. Traditional colored Ragdolls are born white and develop their points as they grow, while Minks and Sepias are born darker. My male is a Mink, and several of the females are Mink, so they can produce Sepias, Minks, and Traditional colored kittens.

My Story: Several years ago, I raised Munchkin cats. I found that my favorites were colorpoints and especially, the minks. Below are some pictures of Tonka, a mink Munchkin from my cattery. I love cats that are super-friendly, and the Munchkins were very sweet, friendly cats. A fellow cat breeder raised Ragdolls, and as I learned more about them, I came to love them as well. They have the wonderful dispositions, floppy personalities, and come in the colorpoint colors that I love. In addition to health, I am now focusing on my two favorite characteristics - colorpoints, especially the Mink and Sepia colors, and extremely friendly personalities - all found in the Ragdoll cat. Below are some pictures of a Mink Munchkin as a kitten and then as an adult.

Tonka: a Mink Munchkin raised in my Munchkin cattery several years ago. You can see her striking color!

(I do not raise Munchkins any longer, just focusing on Ragdolls. I included these pictures so you can see the inspiration for my current cattery. I just love her color and my brother has her brother. He is a very dramatic Mink color with gorgeous eyes.)




Contact: RagdollsNW1@yahoo.com