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Ragdolls NW Specializes in Mink, Sepia, and Traditional Ragdoll Cats

as well as Ragamuffins and a few Minuets and Kilts


Adults and Colors Past Kittens


Payment: Email or call to make sure the kitten is still available. A deposit of $250 will hold your kitten or you may pay in full. Cash for final payment upon pick up is required.. Kittens are spayed or neutered after 14 weeks and will be available about a week after the vet recheck.





Picking up your kitten: If you would like to see a kitten (or several,) for safety reasons, I generally meet people at a public place near my home and bring the kittens they would like to see.


If you live a fair distance from Salem and have chosen a kitten, I can deliver your kitten to the Rest Stop near Canby, or the Rest Stop near Albany. Both of these are about 45 min from my home and can cut 1.5 hours roundtrip off a commute to Salem.

  • Kittens will go home no earlier than 12 weeks. Please click on the link to read an good article about kitten development by Fanciers Breeder Referral List.

  • Please vet check your cat or kitten within 5 days of receiving it.

  • Kittens will be spayed or neutered before leaving the cattery. Spays and neuters will take place at approximately 12-16 weeks and then go back to the vet a week later for a recheck. Kittens will be available after the recheck.

  • Papers are available on most, but not all kittens. Please inquire about papers if having papers for your kitten is important to you.

  • All kittens are listed at the pet price. I am not currently selling kittens as breeders.

  • All descriptions of kittens are approximate as colors and coats change as kittens grow

  • We reserve the right to refuse the placement of any kitten/cat listed as available at any time with no explanations

  • If you are interested in a kitten, please text 503-307-4389 or email hornibrd@yahoo.com and specify which kitten you are interested in.

  • Once you have decided upon a kitten, a deposit of $250 will hold the kitten. If a deposit is not provided, the kitten will be offered to the next interested party.

  • If you change your mind, the deposit will be lost or may be applied to a future kitten. Once received, deposits are not refundable. 

  • Paypal may be used to leave a deposit and the balance can be paid in cash upon delivery. No checks or credit cards.




RagdollsNW extends the following warranties, guarantees only to the buyer below:

Buyer’s Name:____________________________________

Phone #:_________________________________________



Buyer’s Signature: _________________________________


Please vet check your kitten within 5 days of receiving it to verify that it is in good health

Kittens will be spayed or neutered before they go home. If kittens are not spayed or neutered, TICA papers will be provided upon proof of spay or neuter.

Kittens are eating Diamond brand cat food (same manufacturer as Costco Kirkland). If you decide to use a different food, please change the kitten’s diet slowly.

All kittens to have had at least 2 sets of vaccination and wormed for hook and round worms.

We make no guarantees of your kitten’s mature size, or that it will be show or breeding quality.

We warrant against life threatening congenital defects for the first year. You must request a written statement from your vet on office stationary and signed by him/her for our records, stating health problem to include a description of the symptoms supporting his/or her opinion to validate guarantee. We are not responsible for vet fees, treatment costs, transportation costs, stress, or other expenses.

You must notify us the day of initial examination to make claim for a replacement kitten. The original kitten must be returned within 24 hours along with all paperwork. You agree to fill out all necessary forms to return ownership of kitten to breeder.

If you qualify for a replacement kitten, we will provide a new kitten of equal value, if one is available, or from the next available litter. If you choose a kitten of greater value, you are responsible to pay the difference.

Seller’s Signature __________________________________  Date: ____________________

Male  __________   Female __________




Amount Paid:



Kitten Care Tips

Food: Switch to new food gradually. Switching too fast can give them diarrhea. Use dry kitten food while they are young. If you would like to add wet food, wait until they are older.

Setting up for success: Start your kitten in a small room with the litterbox, food and water so the kitten can feel safe and begin with good litter box habits. Provide a scratching post so the kitten can learn to use it while young. As the kitten grows in confidence, let him or her out into the rest of the house. Make sure there are litter boxes close by so there are no accidents while the kitten is young and learning his or her way around the house. Place litter boxes in safe places where the kitten won’t be interrupted.

Supplements: My vet recommends Fortiflora probiotics sprinkled over the food. Moving to a new household will put some stress on the immune system, so it may be helpful to use the Fortiflora since studies have shown a positive outcome.

Vet check: Please vet check your kitten within 5 days of receiving it to verify that it is in good health

Vaccinations: Kittens have received their initial vaccinations and have been wormed. It will be a good idea to work them regularly and update their vaccinations at a year of age.


Contact: hornibrd@yahoo.com