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Ragdolls NW Specializes in Mink, Sepia, and Traditional Ragdoll Cats

Located in Salem, Oregon


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These are the breeding females and not for sale.

Currently breeding age females are Rainy, Lilly, Bonnie & Dobby.

Future queens are Ladybug, Sylvia, Sugarbaby, Gwen, Cercie & Sally.


Current Queens & Future Queens

Lilly: Lilac Sepia Colorpoint Female  


Rainy: Blue Classic Tabby Sepia Female  

Dobby: Seal Mitted Lynxpoint Female

       Sylvia: Silver Torbie Female


Ladybug: Mink Female 

Bonnie: Seal Mitted Lynxpoint Female 

         Sugarbaby: Silver Seal Lynxpoint Female

Chocolate Smoke Tortie

Cinnamon Calico

Suzy: Silver Ragamuffin

Sally: Silver Torbie Ragamuffin


I love how the Ragdolls all get along with each other. Silverbelle and Bonnie are cuddled together.




Dylan is my Mink Ragdoll male and current father to kittens here at RagdollsNW.

He is extremely friendly and has gorgeous eyes.

He wakes me up with snuggles first thing every morning.

His kittens are extremely mellow and sweet-natured.


These boys will be old enough to sire litters in 2018

Boy Blue: Blue Mink Bicolor Male - Carries Cinnamon

He has the softest coat - very affectionate!



Moose: Mink Male - Carries Cinnamon

Very soft coat and so loving



Parents have been screened for HCM and PKD.


Kitten Colors Available Here At RagdollsNW









Tabby Ragamuffin (from Silverbelle)








Blue Sepia Tabby








Blue Mink



Mink Mitted












Sepia Classic Tabby

Classic tabbies are unusual color patterns for Ragdolls and so is the Sepia color. Sepia is a very dark, rich chocolate color. When a lynxpoint color pattern combines with the dark sepia color, the result is this very dark classic tabby pattern with the rosettes that you see on Bengal cats or American Shorthairs.


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