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----------Kittens below are sold------------



Miss Personality!!! Very outgoing and friendly.

Often insists on her spot near me or on me.

She has a mind of her own.

Dobby's Female Lynxpoint Bicolor - SOLD

DOB 3/16/2018






Ladybug's Female Sealpoint - $1500 - SOLD

DOB 4/9/2018









Offered by a friend: SOLD

Taz: Misty's Blue Mink Boy - Please contact Kimberly

at 541-990-9294 or kittensbykimberly@gmail.com for this kitten

Kimberly does have a litter on the way and due this fall.





Rain's Kittens DOB 10/15/2017


Rain's Sepia Boy - $1600 - SOLD



Blue Mink Girl #2 - $1500 - SOLD







Rain's Sepia Tabby Boy - $1500 - SOLD



Silverbelle's Ragamuffin Kittens - DOB 10/24/2017


Silverbelle's Silver Lynxpoint Male - $2400  SOLD





Rain's Mink Lynxpoint Boy - $1500 - SOLD




Blue Mink Girl #1 - $1500 - SOLD


Rain's Blue Sepia Boy -  $1500 SOLD


Silverbelle's Tabby Girl - $1500 - SOLD




DOB 3/22/2016








DOB 4/19/2017






Tanney Mae




Blue Sepia girl $1100 SOLD



DOB 6/25/2017 Little mink girl on the right $1500 SOLD





Mink Mitted Male w/ Blaze $1500 SOLD



Sealpoint female  - SOLD

DOB 2/10/2017



Blue Sepia Girl $1300 SOLD



         Sealpoint Mitted Male $ 1500  SOLD



Sepia Girl $1600 SOLD



Sealpoint Boy#2 $1500  SOLD






Mink Classic Tabby Lynxpoint Female #1 $1500



Mink Female #1 $1500 SOLD




Bluepoint Female $1400 SOLD



Lynxpoint Mitted Male $ 1500 SOLD


      Mink Mitted Male $1500 SOLD




Tabby Ragamuffin girl - $850 - SOLD

DOB 4/19/2017




Sepia Classic Tabby girl - $750 - SOLD

DOB 4/28/2017





Blue Sepia Tabby girl - $750 - SOLD



Bluepoint female $1300 - SOLD
DOB 2/10/2017     




Bluepoint boy $1300 SOLD

DOB 2/10/2017    





Mink girl $1500 - SOLD

DOB 2/10/2017   She is a very playful, fun kitty. Loads of personality.






Sepia girl $1500 SOLD

DOB 2/10/2017  payed 5/12/2017 This girl is just gorgeous!




Sepia Male - $1500 - SOLD

DOB 2/24/2017   .




Sepia Classic Tabby girl SOLD



         Lovey DOB 7/24/2016 SOLD        Dovey DOB 7/24/2016 SOLD     




Lovey - She has a slightly shorter coat and her pattern shows up well. Look at that tail!!!   Lovey - Fluffier, soft coat, pretty pattern, and slightly lighter in color than Lovey. She has the same fluffy dark tail.




Blue Mink Male - $1100 - SOLD

DOB 11/28/2016





Mink Lynxpoint Mitted boy - $1400 - SOLD

DOB 12/14/2016





Sepia or Mink Blue tabby girl - $1100 - SOLD

DOB 11/28/2016




Mink Female - $1200 - SOLD

DOB 11/28/2016






Mink Tabby Male - $1100 - Sold

DOB 11/28/2016





Mink boy - Sold





Bluepoint Mitted Boy - Sold





Betty's Litter

Seal lynxpoint girl - SOLD

Seal lynxpoing girl -SOLD






Blue Mink female - Sold


Mink boy - Sold

I'm thinking this boy will look a lot like his daddy.





Sealpoint girl                                Lynxpoint Girl




Sealpoint Mitted boy                            Sealpoint Mitted Mink girl

Betty's Litter: DOB 3/22/2016 - All sold





First pics: Betty had a litter of five. Four decided to pose for a family photo but the Mitted boy was off wandering.


DOB 3/22/2016

Top left: Seal Mink boy - Sold

Top Right: Sealpoint girl  - Sold

Bottom left: Seal Mink girl - Sold

Bottom right: Seal Lynxpoint girl - Sold

Absent from family photo - to the right - Seal Mitted boy - Sold


(I purchased my Ragdolls from http://ragdollcatskittens.com/ and have raised my prices to be more in line with their prices)





5/6 pictures



Misty's Litter - she had 6 kittens! DOB: 4/17/2016

DOB 4/17/2016



Mother is Misty (Bluepoint Mink) and Father is Dylan (Sealpoint Mink).

Left to Right:  Mink boy -SOLD, Sealpoint girl - SOLD, Bluepoint boy-SOLD, Bluepoint Mink boy -SOLD


The Mink boy should look like Tucker or Tinker below

The Bluepoint Mink boy should look like Sterling below

The Sealpoint girl should look like Flynn below

The Bluepoint boy will look like Flynn except his points will be lighter (blue) in color




Left to Right: Bluepoint boy, Bluepoint Mink boy, Mink boy, Sealpoint girl


Updated Pictures Taken 12/28



The Blues Brothers (L to R - Blue Mink, Bluepoint)          Crying the Blues


Sealpoint girl and the Blues Brothers (L to R - Sealpoint, Blue Mink, and Bluepoint; Sealpoint)



Mink boy - how about that face!


Updated pictures taken near the beginning of February



Blue Mink boy                                                       Sealpoint girl



Bluepoint boy                                                                                                  Mink boy


I kept the first four kittens longer to see how they turned out.



 DOB: 6/15/2015

Mink Colorpoint Male: SOLD





 DOB: 6/15/2015

Mink Colorpoint Male: SOLD





 DOB: 6/15/2015

Blue Mink Colorpoint Male: SOLD






DOB: 6/15/2015

 Colorpoint Male: SOLD






DOB: 9/28/2015, Available 12/21

Mitted Lynxpoint Female: SOLD



Contact: RagdollsNW1@yahoo.com