Ragdollsnw specializes in Mink, Sepia, Traditional Ragdolls and a few Ragamuffins
and am now adding a new breed: LaPerms!!! See the LaPerm page. Hope to have babies in the summer of 2021.

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Located in Salem, Oregon
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My friend Kimberly raises mostly seal and blue mink, mitted, and bicolor kittens while I am working to offer some different colors such as chocolate, lilac, red, cream, and smokes. Be sure to check out Kimberly's kittens at Ragdollkittens4U.com


Please text or email to see if the specific kitten you want is available. A $250 deposit will hold your kitten. Deposits may be made through PayPal. Cash for balance upon delivery. Kittens can generally go home between 14 and 18 weeks.

Available Kittens

Rowdy has several kittens. The blue male and the blue smoke male are ready to go home now. The mink boy is a little smaller and can go home probably about mid-month. There are a couple more that are smaller and I will post them when they are closer to being ready. They are all similar to the blue ones in color. These are very sweet kittens and should be real "lookers" when they get to adult size. DOB 9/28/20 Rowdy by Moose.

Rowdy's Blue Male - $1800

Rowdy's Blue Smoke Male - $1800

Rowdy's Mink Male - $1800

Deposit received

Lacey - Bluepoint Female - $1300

DOB 2/24/2019  Lacey is a sweetheart. I have been thinking about finding her a forever home because I brought in some new cats and need the room. She is not spayed, since I may decide to keep her if she doesn't sell. She has a very sweet personality and is good with the other cats and small dogs.

All cats below are sold

Tigger's Mink Lynxpoint Male


Cercei's Chocolate Tortie - SOLD

 DOB 3/14/2020   

Lilly's Mink Bicolor Girl - SOLD

DOB 4/30/2020 

Lilly's Bicolor Boy - SOLD

DOB 4/30/20201

Lilly's Bluepoint Girl - SOLD

DOB 4/30/2020 

Gwen's Lilac Bicolor Female - SOLD

DOB 3/11/2020 

Cercei's Cream Mink Bicolor M - SOLD

DOB 3/14/2020

Cercei's Blue Female - SOLD

DOB 3/14/2020

Ladybug's Blue Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020

Ladybug's Blue Smoke M Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020

Ladybug's Smoke M Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020.

Ladybug's Smoke F Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020

Suzy: Silver Ragamuffin - SOLD

Spayed 12/4. DOB 10/24/2018

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Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

Sepia Ragdoll

Cream Silver Ragamuffin

Blue Smoke Ragamuffin

Silver Ragamuffin

Mink Mitted Ragamuffin

Smoke Ragamuffin

Mink Mitted Ragdoll

503-307-4389 Texting preferred                                                                                                                                  Hornibrd@yahoo.com