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Snuggly kittens - great w/ dogs & kids! Most are TICA registered Ragdollsnw.com



Please text or email to see if the specific kitten you want is still available. A $250 deposit will hold your kitten. Deposits may be made through PayPal. Cash for balance upon delivery. Kittens can generally go home between 13 and 16 weeks. All kittens use the litter box, have their first vaccinations, are wormed, and are used to small dogs. Most will not be altered as my current vet prefers to wait until they are older than 16 weeks.


Libby $500  
Penny $900 
Cookie's Kitten       $1000 
Gwyneth's Kittens $1000 
Calista's Kitten        $700 

Gwyneth's Ragdolls

Gwyneth & Moose had four kittens. Their coats are very cottony and soft. I believe they are cinnamon or redpointed. The girl already has a deposit and boy A is sold. Two boys are sill available. DOB 4/15 
Gwyneths Boy B - he has more red on him on his back and tail. I've included a couple of pictures of his back and tail. He is turning out to be gorgeous. He is ready to go home now.

Gwyneths Male C - Very cute guy with a little red showing on his tail. 

Baby pictures

Ethan - Red bicolor Skookum (short legs, curly hair) - $1400

Ethan is the last of his kind here at RagdollsNW. He has the short legs of a Munchkin and the curly hair of a LaPerm. He has been my personal pet, but I still feel the need to reduce. He is a total lap cat and very affectionate. DOB 6/7/22

Liza - Lynxpoint Ragamuffin - $800

Liza is already spayed and ready to go home. She should grow her coat out more  now that she is spayed. Due to the shape of her face, she tends to collect matter in one eye and it needs to be wiped every so often. DOB 4/18/21 Libby x Darby 

Calista's Ragamuffin/Munchkin Long-legged White & Black Male - $1000

This white and black boy is very outgoing and playful . He is good with dogs and other cats. He would be good with kids. (Not TICA registered.) I love his unique markings and the white tip on his tail! This mix is a combination of two cuddly and friendly breeds - they have such sweet personalities. DOB 3/21/24 Ready to go home mid-June.

Libby - Sepia Ragamuffin Female - $800

Libby is a spayed very sweet girl. She is stunning with those gold eyes and dark sepia coat. I don't get very many Sepia cats. She is a big ball of fluff. She has a very mild temperament and loves to be petted. She joins my on my chest while I'm in bed and would love to be someone's cuddle buddy. She is easy going and great with dogs and other cats. Right now, she is growing out her hair from a battle with flea allergies. If you would like her now, she is $500. Once her coat is back to her normal gorgeous self, she will be $1000. DOB 4/12/20

Special Needs cats

I have a cat that has medical issues and She is looking for a special home. She has a wonderful personality and would love to have a devoted person to dote on her. She is super affectionate and looking for her soul partner who wants a special kitty to care for.

Gwen - Cinnamon Calico Female

Gwen is a beautiful Cinnamon calico spayed girl. I was hoping she would be my main queen for cinnamons. Unfortunately, she came to me from a breeder and was harboring stomatitis. It doesn't necessarily show up immediately, and it developed when she was a young adult. This is a really awful issue that causes ulcers in the mouth. There is no real cure. My vet prefers not to pull all her teeth (which is one possible approach) since that doesn't always solve the problem. Because she has ulcers and her mouth is sore, she cannot groom herself and she drools some which means she needs a bath every so often. Despite this, she is an energetic very loving girl. I have kept her but she really would be happier in a different home. Stomatitis can be contagious and I have to keep her separate from all other cats. This means she is isolated and I can't keep her in my house since there are other cats in my house. She is very unhappy being by herself. She is such an affectionate kitty, and she really wants to be the center of attention. She would do best in a household where she is the only kitty and can have a human all to herself. She needs someone who is willing brush her and give her an occasional bath (she is easy to bathe and medicate) and to research possible solutions. i have tried a few things. Your vet may have other ideas. I feed her canned food in addition to hard food and she is doing well. She is available for the right person who wants to rescue a very sweet girl. DOB 6/22/2017

Kittens & cats below are sold

Curious George - Bicolor Ragdoll - SOLD

George is a very large, gorgeous neutered boy. He is very loving. George has one eye that continually weeps. I have worked with my vet and tried several different medications. His eye has improved but it still collects matter under the eye. I just clean his lower eyelid off but so far, I haven't found a cure. He is pretty easy to care for but it is a special need. Because of his eye, I have never offered him for sale. It is such a shame because he is a fluffy ball of love and he would love to be the center of someone's world. He is available to that special person who can manage wiping his eye and possibly work with an vet to find a cure. DOB 8/21/22 Punkin x Grady

Penny - Cinnamon Bicolor Ragdoll - $1300 SOLD

If you want an affectionate, in your lap kitty, Penny is your gal. She is an absolute LOVE. Very fluffy, cuddly girl. She would love a person of her own to cuddle. She is already spayed, and gets along fine with other cats and dogs. Would be good for kids. Very sweet natured. She also has a brother named Curious George. His info is below. DOB 8/21/22 Spayed Punkin x Grady

Cookie's Lilac point Ragdoll M $ 1300 - SOLD

This guy is so playful, and just a doll. He is turning out to have a pretty face and sweet personality. He's the last one of Cookie's kittens. The other two have deposits. DOB 4/6 Cookie x Moose Available early July

Gwyneth's Ragdolls

SOLD: Gwyneth's Boy A - This boy is light all over with a very light buttery color on his back.

Cookies Bicolor with White Tip Ears Ragdoll M - $1300 - Deposit received

Love this adorable face. He is just a sweetheart. DOB 4/6 Cookie x Moose Available early July

Cookie's Bicolor Ragdoll Female - $1300 - Deposit received

Oh my gosh! Isn't she a cutie!!! DOB 4/6 Cookie x Moose Available early July

Calista's Ragamuffin/Munchkin Long-legged Cinnamon Bicolor Male - $1000 - SOLD

This cinnamon bicolor boy is a sweety. I don't get cinnamons very often and I love this color. He is good with dogs and other cats. This mix is a combination of two cuddly and friendly breeds - they have such sweet personalities. (Not TICA registered.) DOB 3/21/24 Ready to go home mid-June.

Calista's Ragamuffin/Munchkin Long-legged Tortie Bicolor Female - $1200 - SOLD

This tortie bicolor girl is a sweety and loves to sit on my shoulder. I just love her color! This mix is a combination of two cuddly and friendly breeds - they have such sweet personalities. She is good with dogs and other cats. (Not TICA registered.) 3/21/24 Ready to go home mid-June.

Lizzy's Silver Ragamuffin Male - $2000-SOLD

DOB 1/24/24 Super cute Silver boy. He is just going to be a doll. Very sweet personality. Available to go home now. Just can't take a bad picture of him!

Precious - Blue Mitted Tabby Ragamuffin - $1000 - SOLD

Precious is super friendly and already spayed. She has a very loving personality. She's quite a fluffball and wants to be someone's special girl. She will enjoy being brushed to keep that coat lovely. She is a very affectionate kitty and looking for her forever home. She will be great with dogs and other cats and should be fine with kids. DOB 9/19/21

Kerbee - Chocolate Ticked Tabby Ragdoll - $500   SOLD

Kerbee is a very unusual color for a Ragdoll. She is a Chocolate Ticked Tabby. She is a very sweet girl and ready for a forever home. She would do best in a quiet home with someone who has a calm manner. She really wants to be someone's favorite. She head-butts you for attention and loves to sit next to you on the couch. She also loves to hang out in the kitchen if that is where you spend your time. She is one of my hardest girls to let go of since I love her unique color. DOB 8/10/2020

Zorro - Black short-haired, curly coated, short-legged male - $1300 - SOLD

Zorro is already neutered. He is a Skookum. He's 1/2 LaPerm and 1/2 Munchkin. He has very short legs and a short curly coat from the LaPerm side. He is super friendly and would be a great lap kitty. He is good with dogs and other cats. He is very easy going. I adore this guy!

Cooper - Calista's Tabby and White Standard Munchkin Male - Staying here

DOB 8/22/23 This short legged guy is super cute and I have decided to keep him.  

Cassidy - Ticked Tabby Munchkin F - $800 - SOLD

Update from her new home: She loves to play fetch with the spring toys and will keep the game going for quite awhile. She is adored in her new home.

Personality plus on this girl. She is always wherever you are and wants lots of attention. She is always into everything and just a kick to watch run down the hall on those very short legs. Already spayed. She is a Munchkin/Ragdoll cross so has the easy going but loving personality of both breeds. DOB 12/16/21

Gweneth's Bicolor F Ragamuffin - $1300 - possibly staying here

This girl is very pretty and has a lovely soft coat. She is very sweet-natured!  Very gentle. DOB 3/27/2023 Gweneth/Fluffy

Cadillac - Long legged Ticked Tabby Munchkin/Ragdoll - SOLD

Oh my gosh. This boy is the definition of "chill". You can find him sprawled upside down in the craziest positions. He is so easy-going. He has a plush short coat in the unusual (for Munchkins or Ragdolls) ticked tabby pattern. DOB 10/27/22 He is brother to the golden tabby boy also on this site.

Cassie - Munchkin - very short legs SOLD

Super personality. Very friendly. Cassie is a very sweet girl with very short legs. She was just spayed 6/9/2023. She will be a wonderfully loving addition to a family. Would be good with kids or dogs. DOB 1/1/21

Tiger striped boy - $400 - SOLD

This guy is a lap kitty. He is a Munchkin/Ragdoll cross so he has the mellow personality of the Ragdoll and the short coat from his Munchkin side. I think he is a golden tabby since he has such pretty coloring on his chest and nose. DOB 10/27/22 He is reduced in price so he can find his forever home. He is an in-your-face friendly kitty. Would be great with kids or dogs. Neutered 6/9/2023

Black & White Smoke Male Ragamuffin $1200 - SOLD

Oh my gosh! This guy is a big, fluffy ball of love. He flops over for loves. He is a very mild mannered boy. Super sweet and easy going. He would be great for kids and good with dogs. He is turning out to be one of my favorites. I just love his face, and he is going to have a pretty silver coat. He is also very soft. Already neutered. DOB 1/8/2023 Cookie x Fluffy.

Cookies Mink Bicolor Odd Eyed F Ragdoll- $1600 - SOLD

This pretty girl is very special. If you look closely, her left eye is bright blue and the other eye is more green. She will be stunning when she grows up. Very sweet girl. DOB 7/20/23

Calista's Standard Munchkin Males - $1400 - Deposit received

Thor - Mink & White LaPerm - SOLD 

Thor is a show quality LaPerm male and he is super sweet guy. Already neutered. He is a lap cat and so loving! He has a very nice curly coat and is so ready for his forever home.

Sealpoint F Ragamuffin - $1200 - SOLD

Very sweet natured kitty. She's going to be a real looker. DOB 1/2/2023 Kerbee x Fluffy. This little girl is turning out to be very pretty girl!!! Already spayed.

Sealpoint Female Ragdoll - $900 - SOLD

This girl is so snuggly soft. You will love curling up with her. DOB 8/21/22  Punkin x Grady   Spayed 6/9/2023

Sampson - Lynxpoint Ragamuffin male $400 - SOLD

Sampson is a fluffy loveball. He is already neutered. DOB 10/13/21 This guy wants a home where he is the center of attention. He is very friendly. He will need to be brushed some.

Samantha - Lynxpoint Ragamuffin - $1000 - SOLD

Samantha is outgoing and sweet. She is very friendly. Already spayed. She and her brother Sampson are both available. DOB 10/13/2021 She really loves to play! She plays with our small dog and is a kick to watch. If you want a playful buddy, she is your gal.

Samantha is outgoing and sweet. She is very friendly. Already spayed. She and her brother Sampson are both available. DOB 10/13/2021 She really loves to play! She plays with our small dog and is a kick to watch. If you want a playful buddy, she is your gal.

Cinnamon Bicolor F Ragdoll - SOLD

This girl is very loving and very soft. DOB 8/21/22 She is so ready to be someone's favorite kitty. Punkin x Grady

Gweneth's Mitted F Ragamuffin - $1300 - SOLD

Very cute little girl. Available early July. DOB 3/27/2023

Grady - Cinnamon Bicolor Male Ragdoll - SOLD

Grady would love a forever home where he can get lots of attention. He is a unique color as we don't get a lot of cinnamons. He had an eye injury but it has healed up just fine. He is a big, lovable hunk of a cat. You can carry him anywhere. DOB 3/11/2020 Already neutered

Black & White Female Ragamuffin - 1000 - SOLD

OMGosh, she is super sweet and outgoing. Very soft and cuddly. What a cutie!  DOB 1/8/2023 Cookie x Fluffy.

Black Ragamuffin Female - $850 - SOLD

Super fluffy girl. Very pretty eyes and sweet personality. She has some grey now but that may fade. DOB 1/2/22 Kerby x Fluffy

Tabby with White female - SOLD

Very sweet female. Easy going and laid back. You couldn't ask for a more sweeter kitty. DOB 10/27/22 Cassie x Grady

Emma - Red & White LaPerm Female - SOLD

Emma is a very loving girl and so ready for her forever home. She is already spayed. As you can see, she is very affectionate.

Alan - SOLD

DOB 6/7/2022   Ethan and Alan are brothers. Alan is about a year younger than Ethan. Alan has short legs and a curly coat. He is a Munchkin/LaPerm cross and will make a very affectionate pet. I love his bright red color and loving disposition. He is already neutered.

Boobear - Black and White Standard Munchkin Male - SOLD

I recently purchased Boobear and he is just a sweetheart. I am downsizing and going to reduce the Munchkins. He is a young boy and already neutered. 

Molly - Seal tortie mitted LaPerm F - $400 -SOLD

Molly is a sweetheart. She has the typical very friendly LaPerm personality. Totally great with my small dogs and other cats. Would be great with kids. DOB 4/29/22

Emma's Red & White LaPerm Male - $300 - SOLD

DOB 6/7/2022  Very loving fellow. He will probably look a lot like his older brother. The picture below him is his older brother.

Snookums - standard (very short legs) Munchkin - $300

She is about 2 years old and spayed. She is a kick and she loves to run down the hall in front of you. It is a kick to watch her run. She has a funny personality. I don't get the impression she'd like kids but she's fine with dogs and other cats.

Kittens below are sold

Leche - Lilac point Ragdoll - $1000 SOLD

DOB 10/8/2021 I was holding this girl back. She has such a lovely coat and very sweet personality. She's a love. Not yet spayed.

Livy's Lynxpoint Male - $2000 - SOLD

DOB 7/22/22 Available to go home around 10/22. Super fluffy guy with very sweet personality.

Otis - Munchkin boy - $1500 SOLD

DOB 12/16/21  This guy is an absolute lover. He wants to curl up under your neck and he just purrs away. He is already neutered. Very sweet guy!  

Cece's Tuxedo Ragdoll Girl - $1600 SOLD

Adorable tuxedo. DOB 3/13/2022 Very sweet.

Cece's Cinnamon Bicolor Ragdoll Girl $1800 - SOLD

DOB 3/13/2022 What a sweetheart. Very cute.

Cece's Cinnamon Point M - $1800 Deposit received

DOB 3/13/2022 What a cute bundle of fluff! Ready around mid-June.

Cece's Sealpoint Ragdoll Male - $1800

DOB 3/13/2022 Very pretty fellow!

Lilly's Bicolor M - $1800 - SOLD

DOB 11/16 Very affectionate guy!

Blue - Blue Mink Bicolor Male - $1800

DOB 4/2017 Already neutered. Very large and loving boy. He will be ready to go home around mid May.

Kittens below are sold

Smaugen's Larger Seal Lynxpoint Female - $1800 - SOLD

DOB 10/13 This Ragamuffin is a sweetheart. Like her smaller sister above, her tail has a little tabby striping but there isn't much striping on her face. I'm not sure if she is a seal lynxpoint or a seal smoke lynxpoint. They are about the same color.

Lovey - Black Ragamuffin - $1300 - SOLD

Lovey is now living up to her name. She totally wants to be a lap cat and just purrs away. She will make a super companion. She is another girl was been holding back for breeding because I just love her face and personality, but I have too many girls. She has a very shiny coat now. DOB 3/17/2021 Spayed 1/24/2021

Darby - Silver Ragamuffin Male - $1800 - SOLD

DOB 5/31/2020 Neutered 12/30/21  He is just a lover and he is sooooo pretty. I don't get that many silvers, so he is a special fellow. He will make someone a gorgeous and very loving pet. As you can see, he is a lounge kitty.

Cercei - Chocolate Tortie Ragdoll - SOLD

DOB  7/9/2017  Very sweet girl ready for her forever home. She is very friendly. Not yet spayed but trying to get an appt for April. Vet is full-up for current spay and neuter appts.

lilly - Lilac Sepia Ragdoll - SOLD

DOB 2/2016  Spayed 12/30/2021 Very beautiful girl. She is grandma to some of my favorite kitties (see the lilac sepia male below). Very affectionate. She is ready to be someone's lap kitty. Ready for her forever home in mid-January.

Lila's Lilac Point M - $2300 - SOLD

DOB 10/8  He is a little sweety. I think he is a lilac sepia point - very light points.

Paddington - Cinnamon Point Ragdoll male - $1800 SOLD

DOB 5/17/21  Neutered 12/27/21  
I was going to keep him as a breeding male but I have a younger boy that I am keeping instead. He is incredibly soft and very affectionate. If you want a cuddly cat, this is your boy. Ready to go home in mid-January.

RiverTigger's Mink Lynxpoint F - $1800 SOLD

DOB 7//19  This girl does not stop purring and her favorite spot is on your chest. If you want an affectionate cat, she's your girl.

Cece's Black Ragdoll - $1800   SOLD

This kitten has the fluffiest coat and a cute white tip at the end of his tail. There is also a white toe. Very sweet, docile personality. DOB 7/24/2021  Available at the end of October. 

Blue Classic Tabby Ragamuffin - $1800 SOLD

DOB 3/17/21 Well, I was going to keep this gorgeous kitty, but she turned out to be a "he". He is so sweet - very affectionate. Neutered.

Redpoint Ragdoll Male - $1800  SOLD

This boy is such a sweetheart. He cuddles up on my chest to sleep and plays with my hands very sweetly. Neutered

Libby's Tabby Ragamuffin Male - $2000 - SOLD

DOB 4/18 Ready to go home mid to late July. This sweet boy has a mellow temperament. Ya gotta love that face!!

Gwyneth's Mink Bicolor Ragamuffin Male - $1800 - SOLD

DOB 4/10 

Tigger's Sealpoint Ragdoll Female - $1800 - SOLD

Just can't take a bad picture of this sweetie. DOB 1/9/2021 Tigger x Blue. Available after April 10

Rowdy's Blue Ragamuffin Girl B - $1800  - SOLD

Very affectionate kitty. Love that face! DOB 9/28/20 Rowdy x Moose

Punkin's Sealpoint Ragdoll Male - $1800 - SOLD

We don't get too many Sealpoints here so this is a treat. Very playful and loving kitten. Isn't he a cutie? 
DOB 12/25/2020  Punkin x Blue.  Available sometime after Mar 26. 

Punkin's Mink Bicolor Ragdoll Male - $1800 - SOLD

This fellow is a chunk and am guessing he will be big. Very playful and loving. DOB 12/25/2020. Punkin x Blue. Available sometime after Mar 26.

Punkin's Lilac Bicolor Ragdoll Female - $1800 - SOLD

We are guessing this girl is a lilac bicolor. The color on her tail is very light. She is just a sweetheart. DOB 12/25/2020 Punkin x Blue.  Available sometime after Mar 26.

Rowdy's Blue Ragamuffin Girl A - $1800 - SOLD

Super sweet girl. This girl is very affectionate and has a good purr motor. DOB 9/28/20 Rowdy x Moose.  

Tigger's Mink Lynxpoint Ragdoll Female - $1800 - SOLD

Adorable Lynxpoint sweety pie.
DOB 1/9/2021 Tigger x Blue. Available after April 10

Tigger's Mink Bicolor Ragdoll Male - $1800 - SOLD

He is such a cutie. He's a little darker than his bicolor sister.
DOB 1/9/2021 Tigger x Blue.  Available after April 10

Tigger's Mink Bicolor Ragdoll Female - $1800 - SOLD

She is a little looker. She has white on the sides and tips of her ears which is so unique.
DOB 1/9/2021 Tigger x Blue.  Available after April 10

Rowdy's Blue Ragamuffin Male - $1800 SOLD

This boy is an absolute sweetheart. He purrs all the time and is very playful. He has a very sweet personality. Just love that face.  DOB 9/28/2020  Rowdy x Moose

Bobby - Mitted Silver Ragamuffin Female - $2000 - SOLD

Rowdy's Blue Smoke Male $1800 - SOLD

Rowdy's Mink Male - $1800 - SOLD

Lacey - Bluepoint Female - $1300 SOLD

Tigger's Mink Lynxpoint Male - SOLD

Cercei's Chocolate Tortie - SOLD

 DOB 3/14/2020   

Lilly's Mink Bicolor Girl - SOLD

DOB 4/30/2020 

Lilly's Bicolor Boy - SOLD

DOB 4/30/20201

Lilly's Bluepoint Girl - SOLD

DOB 4/30/2020 

Gwen's Lilac Bicolor Female - SOLD

DOB 3/11/2020 

Cercei's Cream Mink Bicolor M - SOLD

DOB 3/14/2020

Cercei's Blue Female - SOLD

DOB 3/14/2020

Ladybug's Blue Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020

Ladybug's Blue Smoke M Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020

Ladybug's Smoke M Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020.

Ladybug's Smoke F Ragamuffin - SOLD

DOB 4/12/2020

Suzy: Silver Ragamuffin - SOLD

Spayed 12/4. DOB 10/24/2018

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