Ragdollsnw specializes in Mink, Sepia, Traditional Ragdolls and a few Ragamuffins

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Located in Salem, Oregon

Adult Sires and Queens

Adults are breeding cats and not for sale 

Parents have been screened for HCM and PKD. All are negative.


 Dollnouveau Boyblue (Blue)

SBT Ragdoll: Blue mink male bicolor carrying cinnamon. Dollnouveau Fatboy x  Calaquendi Tulip of Dollnouveau
HCM N/N    PKD1 N/N     16.8 lbs on 1/22

RagdollsNW Grady

Ragdoll: Cinnnamon bicolor. Parents are Gwen & Blue.
Neg for HCM and PKD by parentage  13.8 lbs on 1/22

Dollnouveau Mr. Moose (Moose)

SBT Ragdoll: Mink male carrying dilute & cinnamon.  Rockstardolls Marky Mark x Dollnouveau Nancy Grrl. HCM N/N PKD1 N/N     19 obs on 1/22

RagdollsNW Yoda

Ragamuffin: Silver carrying dilute. Parents are Rain & Yoda. Neg for HCM and PKD by parentage  14.4 lbs on 1/22

RagdollsNW Darby - Retired

Ragamuffin: Siver.   Parents are Dobby & Wolfe.
Neg for HCM and PKD by parentage       RETIRED


Lilly - Retired

SBT Ragdoll: Lilac Sepia female. Rockstardolls Chocolate Chip x Hollywoodrags Bette.   HCM N/N    PKD1 N/N

Cercei - Retired

SBT Ragdoll: Chocolate Smoke Tortie female carries cinnamon. Chocolattadolls White Chocolate x Chocolottadolls Moody Mufasa HCM N/N PKD1 N/N


Ragdoll: Chocolate Ticked Tabby female. Dollnoveau Kerfluffles x Bebe. HCM and PKD1 N/N by testing

River (Tigger)

SBT Ragdoll: Seal Lynxpoint female carries dilute & cinnamon. Rain x Moose.  HCM N/N PKD1 N/N


SBT Ragdoll: Cinnamon Calico female. Glen Bogle x Dollnoveau Bebe.  HCM N/N    PKD1 N/N


Ragamuffin: Sylvia's Smoke female. Rain x Wolfe.
HCM N/N   PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Lilac female carries cinnamon. Ladybug x Blue
HCM N/N by parentage  PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Cinnamon solid bicolor female. Cercei x Blue.
HCM N/N by parentage   PKD1 N/N by parentage


Ragamuffin: Sepia DOB 4/12/20   Ladybug x Wolfe
HCM N/N by parentage PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Cinnamon Mitted DOB 3/11/2020 Gwen x Blue HCM N/N by parentage PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Sepia  DOB 6/22/19 Rain x Moose
HCM N/N by parentage PKD1 N/N by parentage

Upcoming parents


Seal Van 
Acacia x Blue DOB 1/21/20


Silver Ragamuffin   Smaugen x Darby
DOB 5/8/21 


Silver Ragamuffin - Libby x Darby
DOB 4/18/21


Mink Bicolor Ragdoll    Gwen x Moose    DOB 4/4/21

Parents and Grandparents

Silverbelle        HCM N/N      PKD1 N/N 
Wolfe                 PKD1 N/N 
Dylan                 HCM N/N PKD1 N/N

hornibrd@yahoo.com or 503-307-4389 texting preferred