Ragdollsnw specializes in Mink, Sepia, Traditional Ragdolls and a few Ragamuffins

Located in Salem, Oregon 
Snuggly kittens - great with dogs & kids! 
TICA registered 503-307-4389 Texting preferred 
or email: Hornibrd@yahoo.com Ragdollsnw.com 

Adult Sires and Queens

Adults are breeding cats and not for sale 

Parents have been screened for HCM and PKD. All are negative.


 Dollnouveau Boyblue (Blue) - Retired

SBT Ragdoll: Blue mink male bicolor carrying cinnamon. Dollnouveau Fatboy x  Calaquendi Tulip of Dollnouveau
HCM N/N    PKD1 N/N     16.8 lbs on 1/22

RagdollsNW Grady

Ragdoll: Cinnnamon bicolor. Parents are Gwen & Blue.
Neg for HCM and PKD by parentage  13.8 lbs on 1/22

Lincoln - Odd-eyed bicolor male

This boy will replace Grady. 

Dollnouveau Mr. Moose (Moose)

SBT Ragdoll: Mink male carrying dilute & cinnamon.  Rockstardolls Marky Mark x Dollnouveau Nancy Grrl. HCM N/N PKD1 N/N     19 obs on 1/22

RagdollsNW Yoda

Ragamuffin: Silver carrying dilute. Parents are Rain & Yoda. Neg for HCM and PKD by parentage  14.4 lbs on 1/22

RagdollsNW Darby - Retired

Ragamuffin: Siver.   Parents are Dobby & Wolfe.
Neg for HCM and PKD by parentage       RETIRED


Lilly - Retired

SBT Ragdoll: Lilac Sepia female. Rockstardolls Chocolate Chip x Hollywoodrags Bette.   HCM N/N    PKD1 N/N

Cercei's Choc Tortie F

Cercei x Grady   DOB 11/25  This girl will replace her mother Cercei pictured below

Cercei - Retired

SBT Ragdoll: Chocolate Smoke Tortie female carries cinnamon. Chocolattadolls White Chocolate x Chocolottadolls Moody Mufasa HCM N/N PKD1 N/N


Ragdoll: Chocolate Ticked Tabby female. Dollnoveau Kerfluffles x Bebe. HCM and PKD1 N/N by testing

River (Tigger)

SBT Ragdoll: Seal Lynxpoint female carries dilute & cinnamon. Rain x Moose.  HCM N/N PKD1 N/N

Gwenn- Retired

SBT Ragdoll: Cinnamon Calico female. Glen Bogle x Dollnoveau Bebe.  HCM N/N    PKD1 N/N


Ragamuffin: Sylvia's Smoke female. Rain x Wolfe.
HCM N/N   PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Lilac female carries cinnamon. Ladybug x Blue
HCM N/N by parentage  PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Cinnamon solid bicolor female. Cercei x Blue.
HCM N/N by parentage   PKD1 N/N by parentage


Ragamuffin: Sepia DOB 4/12/20   Ladybug x Wolfe
HCM N/N by parentage PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Cinnamon Mitted DOB 3/11/2020 Gwen x Blue HCM N/N by parentage PKD1 N/N by parentage


SBT Ragdoll: Sepia  DOB 6/22/19 Rain x Moose
HCM N/N by parentage PKD1 N/N by parentage


Seal Van 
Acacia x Blue DOB 1/21/20


Silver Ragamuffin   Smaugen x Darby
DOB 5/8/21 


Silver Ragamuffin - Libby x Darby
DOB 4/18/21

Parents and Grandparents

Silverbelle        HCM N/N      PKD1 N/N 
Wolfe                 PKD1 N/N 
Dylan                 HCM N/N PKD1 N/N

hornibrd@yahoo.com or 503-307-4389 texting preferred